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ABAH takes great pride in offering an extensive array of pathways for our team members to flourish. Our equal pride resides in the continuous cultivation of a devoted, uplifting culture, characterized by playfulness and ingenuity, where every individual and their contributions are held in high esteem. As we embark on our ongoing journey to broaden our spectrum of services, dedicated to supporting families in need, there’s a timeless ethos that guides us: Each and every member of our team, be they clinicians or administrators, plays an irreplaceable role in the triumph of our cherished young ones.

Our opportunities span the gamut, encompassing not just clinical and operational roles, but venturing into uncharted territories! If you’re in search of a team that passionately influences the lives of children on the autism spectrum for the better, we invite you to explore our current openings. Your unique journey begins here.

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BCBAs, or Board Certified Behavior Analysts, are not simply collaborators with RBTs in the formulation of treatment strategies. They serve as stewards and mentors to RBTs, coaches to caregivers, and the driving force behind ABAH’s clinical endeavors. These individuals are imbued with creativity, possessing the ability to transcend conventional methods to craft personalized, evidence-based interventions for each unique child. While a significant aspect of their role revolves around supporting RBTs, the BCBA position also opens numerous avenues for personal and professional growth. This growth extends beyond individual development, as BCBAs play a pivotal role in elevating the performance of the clinicians they supervise and the broader clinical leadership team.


RBTs stand as the linchpins of our team, the true Most Valuable Players, and the cornerstone of our clients’ advancement! In the realm of ABAH, we not only endorse but fervently encourage RBTs to unleash their innovative ideas and forge dynamic collaborations with their BCBA counterparts. Speaking of the illustrious BCBAs, their unwavering support serves as the bedrock for the growth of our RBTs and, by extension, the triumphant journey of our precious kiddos! In our commitment to fostering excellence, we provide a comprehensive suite of professional development courses and an in-house clinical training curriculum. RBTs also engage in weekly consultations with their BCBAs, ensuring they are never adrift in isolation.

Those with aspirations to attain BCBA certification benefit from ongoing supervision and accrue valuable experience hours, both restricted and unrestricted, propelling their careers in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis forward.

At ABAH, the avenues for RBTs to thrive in their careers are as boundless as their potential. Whether ascending to the esteemed Lead RBT position or venturing into administrative and operational realms to provide unwavering support to our cherished families and fellow clinicians, the path to continued success is yours to explore.

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